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Sun-Earth Day 2007 presents: Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun

Sun-Earth Day 2007 presents: Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun


Solar Week

Hosted by the UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory, Solar Week provides a weeklong series of Web-based educational classroom activities and games geared for elementary, middle and high school students, on a national and international basis with a focus on the Sun and its interactions with Earth. Students learn about solar eclipses, sunspots, and solar storms through a series of activities, games, and question-and-answer sessions with the scientists. This is augmented with a day dedicated to career issues for women in the physical sciences.

The interactive website is especially designed to spark the interest of pre- and early-teen girls in science and also to facilitate interaction for students of both genders with leading female scientists at the forefront of solar-terrestrial research.

Solar Week is ideal for students studying the solar system, the stars, astronomy in general. It's also for kids wondering what it's like being a scientist, and possible career choices. Participation makes for a fun computer lab activity as well, so let your imaginations fly!

Posted: 02/04/2007

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