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Sun-Earth Day 2007 presents: Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun

Sun-Earth Day 2007 presents: Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun


March 20, for a 2007 Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun, Telling the Interrelated Story

Telling the Interrelated Story

On March 20, 2007 representatives from 5 of NASAs missions will share highlights from each of their missions and share their interconnected space weather story with students from around the world. We will also learn how space weather data is collected and how scientists verify their results!

How to View the Webcast

This webcast is being hosted by the NASA Digital Learning Network. You can visit their information page for more details.

How to interact LIVE during the Webcast!

During the Webcast use this email address to send us questions:

Or add the DLN as a contact in Windows Live Messenger to IM your questions during the WEBCAST! This will be a great opportunity for museums and classrooms to tap into the excitement of this year's space weather theme.

Guests will include:

  • George Doshenk (HINODE (Solar-B))
  • Barbara Thompson (Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO))
  • Terry Kucera (STEREO)
  • Laura Peticolas- (THEMIS)
  • Sten Odenwald (IMAGE) What we've learned from past science missions
  • Janet Luhmann- (UC Berkeley's Space Sciences Laboratory) Space Weather
  • Peter Smith- (University of Arizona) Space Weather Impact on Mars
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