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Sun-Earth Day Presents: Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun.

Sun-Earth Day Presents: Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun.


Podcast Special: Storyteller Jordan Hill presents, The Maiden of the Milky Way
Podcast Special: The Maiden of the Milky Way
The ancient art of storytelling has been used by almost every culture as a way to teach, explain or to instill knowledge. Our latest podcast features Jordan Hill presenting the story "The Maiden of the Milky Way". Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast to catch all of the shows.


Technology Through Time #57
Issue #57: The Heliosphere
Despite the fact that it is the largest single physical system in the entire solar system, the heliosphere was only discovered at the dawn of the space age in the late 1950's...
Space Weather Action Centers
Space Weather Action Centers
By following the basic steps in the Instructional Guide your class will soon be on its way to accessing, analyzing and recording NASA satellite and observatory data.
SOHO SunWorks Exhibit
SOHO SunWorks Exhibit tour
A new art exhibit on the Sun called SunWorks is about to begin its show tour. The 24 pieces in SunWorks were selected from over 500 submissions.


Sun-Earth Day Podcasts
Sun-Earth Day Podcasts


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Rock our World
Rock Our World
Kids, come collaborate and compose music, make movies hold video conferences to learn about one another!


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What is Sun-Earth Day?

Sun-Earth Day is comprised of programs and events that occur throughout the year culminating with a celebration on or near the Spring Equinox, March 20th 2007.


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