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Sun-Earth Day 2007 presents: Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun

Sun-Earth Day 2007 presents: Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun


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Technology Through Time Highlights
Technology Through Time Highlights with Sten Odenwald
With the help of thousands of scientists and observers across the centuries, our knowledge of the sun an its connection of the earth has expanded our minds. As we look to the future we can only wonder what awaits us.
posted June 26, 2007.
Storytelling: The Maiden of the Milky Way
Storytelling: The Maiden of the Milky Way, presented by Jordan Hill
The ancient art of storytelling has been used by almost every culture as a way to teach, explain or to instill knowledge. It is also an amazing way to pique the imagination through words, images and sounds.
posted April 4th 2007.
Sun-Earth Day Highlights
Sun-Earth Day Highlights
So what's next? Well since this year's focus on Space Weather was so successful we've decided to continue that focus into next year's theme.
Shuttle Mockup
Audio Voyage #1: Shuttle Mockup
Sounds and descriptions can capture a person, place, event, or feeling so clearly that you can "see" in your mind's eye whatever it is that is being described. As a result of your feedback, we have decided to complement our normal Sun-Earth Day podcasts with a new series of descriptive audio reports from different NASA locations.
Carol Anne McGuire, Rock-n-Sol
In today's podcast we'll be exploring the musical side of space weather with a dynamic teacher from Anahiem, CA,... Carol Anne McGuire.
Dream Catcher with Sun and Earth inside
Sun-Earth Day 2007, Program 5
In today's podcast we'll be listening to highlights from a workshop where indigenous astronomers, Dr. Nancy Maryboy and Dr. David Begay, spent time comparing and contrasting native and western astronomies.
Photo of Isabel Hawkins
Sun-Earth Day 2007, Program 4
Hear an interview with Isabel Hawkins, Director of the Center for Science Education at the Space Sciences Laboratory of the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Hawkins is the informal lead for the 2007 Sun-Earth Day program.
NASA CORE graphic
Sun-Earth Day 2007, Program 3
Sun-Earth Day helps you prepare for the November 8, 2006 transit of Mercury across the disk of the Sun. This podcast includes information about the November 8, 2006 transit of Mercury, and interviews with the Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum's Lou Mayo and Sten Odenwald.
NASA CORE graphic
Sun-Earth Day 2007, Program 2
Sun-Earth Day staff participated in the National Education Computing Conference (NECC) held in San Diego, California. In this installment Troy interviews elementary school principal Cathy Cannon and Kathy Kaiser-Holscott, the director of NASA's Central Operation of Resources for Educators (NASA CORE).
artwork of Sun with two spacecraft
Sun-Earth Day 2007, Program 1
The first in a series of NASA podcasts for Sun-Earth Day 2007: Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun. This podcast includes an interview with Elaine Lewis, the Leader of the Sun-Earth Day 20076 program.


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Space Weather Fact

Between May 10-12, 1999, the solar wind nearly vanished, causing Earth's magnetosphere to expand in volume by over 100 times!

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