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Sunspot Regions

SOHO Home Tutorial

The SOHO website offers a lot of images, movies and other data. You should take time to explore the resources on this page. One resource you will need allows you to examine SOHO images over several days. When you are on the SOHO page, click on "The Sun Now" or the image of the Sun below it.

Screenshot from the SOHO website


You should explore this page, too. It has links that will show you a lot of detail for each of these 8 views of the Sun. Under each image is a link that says More + More EIT 171, and More MDI Continuum. If you click on those links on this page, you will see many images from several days. This will allow you to observe changes in the solar activity, sunspots and magnetic fields over many days.

At the bottom of the page, you are offered links to movies of images from each of the SOHO instruments. These movies are excellent. You can see the changes in the Sun as a short movie.