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Sun-Earth Day 2008: Space Weather Around the World

Sun-Earth Day 2008: Space Weather Around the World


STEREO video frame capture
Introduction to the STEREO Mission
When the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) launches in Summer 2006, scientists expect to gain a better understanding of solar storms and improve warning times for everyone from satellite operators to astronauts.
Blackout video capture
"Blackout: The Sun-Earth Connection" (Part 1 of 6)
"Blackout" takes you on a journey from the Sun to the Earth as eruptions known as solar storms travel to Earth and effect our lives in ways we still don't completely understand. 3-D animations bring to life the journey, through 150 million kilometers of space, of these outbursts of "space weather". Part 1: Our Active Sun
"Blackout: The Sun-Earth Connection" (Part 2 of 6)
Part 2: Solar Storms and Power Systems
"Blackout: The Sun-Earth Connection" (Part 3 of 6)
Part 3: The Solar Wind and the Earth
"Blackout: The Sun-Earth Connection" (Part 4 of 6)
Part 4: When Solar Plasma Distorts Earth's Magnetic Field


Traditions of the Sun Thumbnail
Traditions of the Sun
This on-line book, contains information about an ancient petroglyph found in Chaco Canyon that may be a record of an eclipse! (see pages 24-25)

Space Weather Fact

During a single second, the sun converts 4 million tons of matter into pure energy.

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