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Sun-Earth Day 2008: Space Weather Around the World

Sun-Earth Day 2008: Space Weather Around the World

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Space Weather Action Center with Blair Allen

Whether it's the latest launch or the coolest gadgets, NASA EDGE hosts provide an offbeat, funny and informative look behind the NASA curtain. If you've ever wanted to learn about NASA but thought you needed to be a rocket scientist, wait no longer. Watch NASA EDGE and embrace your inner astronaut.

You can now enjoy 2 NASA EDGE video podcast shows specifically designed to increase your knowledge about our Sun-Earth Connection! With a few simple clicks you'll be on your way to an unscripted and unpredictable look into some of the latest information on Space Weather, Sun-Earth Day, Solar Week and the new 'student based' Space Weather Action Center!

NASA EDGE Show 11: Magnetospherence
Availiable Now Features: Chris and Blair share the co-host seat with guest, Troy Cline, from the Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum, interview with Paulette Alan on Solar Sails, Solar Storm News with Franklin, Blair attempts his own version of a Space Weather Action Center news report!
NASA EDGE Show 4: Sun-Earth Connection
Features: Blair turns geocaching into Man vs. Wild, news with Franklin, interviews with Dr. Nicky Fox and Troy Cline and the mighty Space Weather Action Center.

Space Weather Fact

The August 4, 1972 solar flare was so powerful that, by some estimates, a spacesuited astronaut would have received a lethal does of radiation.

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