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Sun-Earth Day Presents: Eclipse, In a Different Light

Celebrate our connection to the Sun any time of the year, either as a special event or as part of your regular programs! Hereís your opportunity to learn more about NASAís Sun-Earth Day resources!


Public Outreach has been specifically designed for you, the museums, planetaria, parks, youth clubs, and educators from community organizations around the globe! In this section you will find a collection of ideas and resources that will help you participate in exciting education and outreach activities highlighting the total solar eclipse on March 29, 2006.

To get started, be sure to visit your guide to Progam Ideas, followed by this yearís Make and Take Activities. For those interested in hosting a Sun-Earth Day celebration, donít miss our newest feature specifically designed to help Promote Your Event!


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Eclipse Fact

Every eclipse begins at sunrise at some point in its track and ends at sunset about half way around the world from the start point.

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