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Sun-Earth Day Presents: Eclipse, In a Different Light


Sun-Earth Day Printable Flyer Thumbnail
Sun-Earth Day Printable Flyer
Use this flyer to provide your audience with Sun-Earth Day’s purpose, key understandings and website information.


Sun-Earth Day Postcard Thumbnail
Sun-Earth Day Postcard
Need something quick and colorful that also provides key information about Sun-Earth Day? This postcard is just the thing for your events and mailings!


banner thumbnail
Sun-Earth Day Banner
The new Sun-Earth Day banner is just what you will need when hosting your event. We have provided this high resolution file to ensure that you will bet the sharpest image possible if you decide to make a print of your own!


bookmark thumbnail
Sun-Earth Day Bookmark
Bookmarks make quick and easy items to pass out to your public. Students will certainly enjoy the mysterious and colorful images found on the front as well as the engaging exploratory questions on the back.


poster thumbnail
Sun-Earth Day Poster
Don't spend too much time gazing at the beautiful eclipse image on the front of this year's poster. If you do, you just might miss the additional graphics and information on the back!
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Eclipse Fact

Light filtering through leaves on trees casts crescent shadows as totality approaches.

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