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Sun-Earth Day Presents: Eclipse, In a Different Light

Dazzle your audience with this growing list of promotional materials designed to help you promote your own Sun-Earth Day event!


Sun-Earth Day Kit Thumbnail
Sun-Earth Day Kit
This year's Sun-Earth Day Kit is now on-line and will help you prepare for the March 29th total solar eclipse! In the kit you will find a variety of educational products designed to enhance your knowledge about total solar eclipses and why we still study them today.
Sun-Earth Day Printable Flyer Thumbnail
Sun-Earth Day Printable Flyer
Use this flyer to provide your audience with Sun-Earth Day’s purpose, key understandings and website information.
Sun-Earth Day Postcard Thumbnail
Sun-Earth Day Postcard
Need something quick and colorful that also provides key information about Sun-Earth Day? This postcard is just the thing for your events and mailings!
Wallpapers Thumbnail
Add a sense of Sun-Earth Day mystery to your computer desktop with these artistic renditions of the 2006 eclipse.
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Promotional Materials


Eclipse Fact

Local animals and birds often prepare for sleep or behave confusedly during totality.

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