Sun-Earth Days 2014

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Sun-Earth Days 2014

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Our goal is to help you connect with a growing and vibrant social media community during all phases of this celestial event! We also want to help you spread the word about Sun-Earth Days by sharing content, facts, videos, images and the Sun-Earth Days Webcasts with your networks. To get started, share the message that there will be several NASA satellite launches this year that will further our knowledge about the Sun, the Earth, and our place in the solar system!

Share Information on your Social Networks:

Start spreading the word by sharing information with your colleagues, audiences, social media avenues, list-serves, and partners! To get you started, we've provided a few sample Tweets and Facebook posts.

Sample Tweets:

  • Are you ready for the MMS launch? Watch the webcast to learn more! #MagRecon
  • Join NASA on March 12, 2015 for a live 'MMS Launch' webcast from Kennedy Space Center, Florida! #MagRecon
  • Tell everyone about the upcoming webcast! Be prepared for the MMS launch! #MagRecon
  • Visit the MMS website to learn more about the mission and launch on March 12, 2014. Now THAT'S something to tweet about! #MagRecon

Sample Facebook Posts:

  • Tell everyone about the upcoming MMS Launch, launch parties, webcast and activities!
  • Spread the word! We'll be webcasting views of the MMS launch during a live webcast on March 12, 2015.

Social Media Networks:

Sun-Earth Days: Stay connected to the rapidly growing Sun-Earth Day network!


Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO):

Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Mission:

MMS is one of NASA's newest missions schedule to launch in 2014. Its purpose will be to unlock the mysteries that lead to space weather ! Towards the end of the webcast you will learn more about the mission and how to get connected!

See the full list of NASA's social media networks at "Connect and Collaborate with NASA"