Sun-Earth Days 2014

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Sun-Earth Days 2014

Spread The Word

Help us spread the word about Sun-Earth Days!

This is an exciting year for NASA science and Missions and we need your help spreading the word. Below are just a few ways you can connect with other Sun-Earth Days fans.

Social Media Connections

Social Media Connections

Our goal is to help you connect with a growing and vibrant social media community during all phases of this years celestial events!

Public Outreach

Ideas For Museums

This section has been specifically designed for you, the museums, planetaria, parks, youth clubs, and educators from community organizations around the globe! Here you will find program ideas and a growing list of 'Make and Take' activities designed just for you!


Ideas For Scientists

Scientific discoveries have a tremendous impact on the world as we know it. As a scientist you have the opportunity to have an even greater impact on the world of education! This section is designed just for you. Here you will find resources to help you Get Connected, Get Involved and Develop Your Program.

Amateur Astronomers

Amateur Astronomers

Join us in this year's 'AA Challenge' by holding your own sun/star party and giving a public talk. When you're finished, send us at least one picture of your event(s) to post on the Sun-Earth Dayss web site! All of the requirements and instruction are right here!


The core of the sun is nearly as dense as lead, and has a temperature of 15 million °C.