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Sun-Earth Day 2010: Ancient Mysteries, Future Discoveries


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Space Weather Media Viewer

Space Weather Media Viewer

This Flash-based viewer allows you to view real-time NASA satellite images of the Sun and the Earth. Near real-time images from a variety of NASA satellites and ground-based observatories are presented. Enjoy zooming and panning the images! A scale tool with the size of the Earth is also presented with the solar images.

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Traditions of the Sun

This new experiential Web site lets you explore Chaco Canyon and the Yucatan to learn about NASA research on the Sun and solar practices within a larger historical and cultural context.

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Sun Watchers Through Time - Interactive Timeline

Take a solar walk through time with this Flash-based Interactive Timeline. (Originally featured in the 2005: Ancient Observatories, Timeless Knowledge web site)

Concentration Game


Can you match all the tiles? Try your hand at Concentration!


The March 13, 1989 Quebec blackout, the result of a major geomagnetic storm, caused a $6 billion loss to the Canadian economy.