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Sun-Earth Day 2010: Ancient Mysteries, Future Discoveries


Fun Videos

Space Weather and Earth's Aurora

Aurora are colorful lights in the night time sky primarily appearing in Earth's polar regions. But what causes them? The culprit behind aurora is our own Sun and the solar plasma that is ejected during a magnetic event like a flare or a coronal mass ejection.

The Sun Song

The "Chromatics" is a unique, high-energy, a-capella vocal band that delights audiences across the country. "The Sun Song" is among their many compositions.

The Sun for Kids

We look at the sun rising every day. It's bright, it's big and it warms us up. Our sun happens to be the brightest object in our universe and it has captured our curiosity and imaginations throughout history.


The fastest coronal mass ejection was recorded on August 4, 1972 and traveled from the sun to earth in 14.6 hours - a speed of nearly 10 million kilometers per hour!