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Space Weather Action Center

Space Weather Action Center

Related Activities

These activities can be used to provide additional content and exploration in areas that are taught in your classroom. Space Weather Action Centers provide the theme that unites many classroom objectives that are often taught in isolation. Students can follow the development and progress of solar storms and determine the conditions necessary for storms that will affect Earth.

Many science and math standards can be met depending upon what parts of the Space Weather Action Center students investigate Research shows that students learn concepts better when the concepts are taught in a context. Concepts that are essential to understanding the content of the essential question are at the heart of the central curriculum in most schools. For example, units and lessons developing core classroom educational objectives for light, magnetism, energy, the Sun, and the Earth's magnetic field are integral to the Space Weather Action Centers.

Sunspot Region Activity

Discovering the Sun Activity
Students will learn to observe the Sun safely and will discover that the Sun has spots that appear and disappear over time. Students will also discover that the Sun rotates. This activity can be extended to determine the average time of rotation of the Sun.

Storm Signals Activity

Spectra Graph
Building a Spectrascope to Learn About Spectra
This activity will help your students understand that the color of an object is a particular color of light reflected from the object. This activity will also introduce the concept that white light is a combination of other colors. Students will build their own spectroscope and investigate using different light sources.

Magnetosphere Activity

A Magnet
Mapping Magnetic Influence
This is a complete teachers guide on magnetism it is designed for students to explore magnets and to develop an operational definition of a magnetic "field" and an operational definition for magnetic "pole."