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Sun-Earth Day 2010: Magnetic Storms.

Sun-Earth Day 2010: Magnetic Storms

Magnetic Games!

Concentration Game
Can you match all the tiles? Try your hand at Concentration!
Magnetic Pinball
Magnetic Pinball/Flipper Magnetico
Experiment with charged particles in a "pinball game" to predict the path of moving charged particles with/without the influence of a magnetic field. If you win, you'll be treated to movie that explains how this concept helps IBEX make measurements.
Magnetic Bowling
Magnetic Bowling!
Knock down pins with a proton ball in a magnetized lane: position the electrical wires to create the correct magnetic fields to keep the proton in the lane. Nail all the pins and move on to the next lane.
Magnetic Golf
Magnetic Golf
Sink a putt by guiding a proton golf balls through the magnetic and electric fields around it.


Over $2 billion in satellite technology was damaged or destroyed during the last sunspot cycle.