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Sun-Earth Day 2009: Our Sun Yours to Discover.

Sun-Earth Day 2009: Our Sun Yours to Discover


Space Weather Media Viewer V3
Space Weather Media Viewer V3
This Flash-based viewer allows you to view real-time NASA satellite images of the Sun and the Earth. Near real-time images from a variety of NASA satellites and ground-based observatories are presented. Enjoy zooming and panning the images! A scale tool with the size of the Earth is also presented with the solar images.
Video Podcasts
Enjoy this growing series of NEW Sun-Earth Day video podcasts (Vodcasts) ! Each new episode opens with a brief Sun-Earth Day welcome followed by an extraordinary video from NASAís space weather community. Each episode closes with a message for those interested in learning more about the featured mission and related educational resources.
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The Sun-Earth Day team will keep you updated and informed with the latest news and events through the Sun-Earth Day podcasts subcription.
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Traditions of the Sun
This new experiential Web site lets you explore Chaco Canyon and the Yucatan to learn about NASA research on the Sun and solar practices within a larger historical and cultural context.
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Auroras! Mysterious Lights In The Sky
Find out how scientists are able to learn about these beautiful mysterious lights in the sky! This book is available in PDF and FLASH. Museums can also download an interactive kiosk version as well.


During intense solar flares, astronauts see bright flashing streaks of light as a result of high-energy particles zipping through their eyeballs.