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Sun-Earth Day 2009: Our Sun Yours to Discover.

Sun-Earth Day 2009: Our Sun Yours to Discover

Space Weather Media Viewer V3

Space Weather Media Viewer V3
Space Weather Media Viewer V3
An amazing view just got better! Many of the images that appear in the new and improved viewer are "near-real time" and come from a variety of NASA Missions.


Web Cast Information
If you missed the Web Cast...

You can download and watch the Sun-Earth Day Web Cast right here. We have also posted this video on our video podcast feed for your viewing pleasure.

During the webcast, scientists Eric Christian, Nicky Fox, Terry Kucera and Sten Odenwald shared discoveries about the sun, while students monitored the sun and prepared their own space weather forecast. Hosted by Troy Cline and Paul Mortfield - posted March 27, 2009

Space Weather Action Centers
Space Weather Action Centers
By following the basic steps in the Instructional Guide your class will soon be on its way to accessing, analyzing and recording NASA satellite and observatory data.
Hinode Vodcast 3
Hinode: 1989 Blackout, a conversation with astronomer Sten Odenwald
NASA Astronomer, Dr. Sten Odenwald explains the blackout of 1989 and its effects. At the end of the video we are treated to a fantastic interview with Troy, the NASA Edge crew, and Dr. Sten Odenwald - posted March 13, 2009

Technology Through Time

Issue #69, Star Mass
#69 Star Mass
From Brown Dwarfs to Supermassive stars. Although space is infinite, stars do not come in an infinity of sizes!

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When Is Sun-Earth Day?

This year's main celebration will be on March 20, 2009.


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