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Sun-Earth Day 2009: Our Sun Yours to Discover.

Sun-Earth Day 2009: Our Sun Yours to Discover


Brought to you by the Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum

Sun-Earth Day Project Lead
Lou Mayo
Formal Education Coordinator
Elaine Lewis
Informal Education Coordinator
Carolyn Ng
Web Content Manager/Producer
Troy Cline
Web Site Design/Development
Website Maintenance
Bryan Stephenson
Senior Astronomer/Writer
Solar Week Manager
Co-directors of Sun Earth Connection
  • Dr. Bryan Mendez (U.C. Berkley)
  • Dr. Jim Thieman (Goddard Space Flight Center)
Project Partners
Special Thanks
  • Nathan James - SEC Education Resource Coordinator, SED registration
  • Lou Mayo - SED Amateur Astronomer Lead - Planetary Scientist / Writer
  • Karen Meyer - SECEF: Forum co-Manager, evaluation
  • Igor Ruderman - Programmer Analyst Solar Week, Media Viewer
  • Darlene Yan Outreach Coordinator
  • Dr. Greg Schultz - Education/Outreach Scientist and Teacher Educator
  • Ruth Paglierani - elementary education specialist


During a single second, the sun converts 4 million tons of matter into pure energy.