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Sun-Earth Day 2010: Magnetic Storms.

Sun-Earth Day 2010: Magnetic Storms

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We just enjoyed another Spring Equinox, and everyone knows that no Spring Equinox is complete without enjoying the culmination of the NASA Sun-Earth Day Team's year long thematic study and celebration of the heliosphere. This year's theme: Magnetic Storms. And the Magnetic Storm experts joined NASA EDGE on the set during our live, near 'magnetospherence' free webcast from the National Science Teachers Association Conference in Philadelphia, PA. We even witnessed a cool demonstration of magnetospherence and our magnetosphere by some visiting science teachers. Of course, Blair was sent to the Principal's office.

Download the vodcast now by visiting:

Blair and Holly Gilbert discuss Magnetic Storms. Credit: Set Therapist

Blair and Holly Gilbert discuss Magnetic Storms. Credit: Set Therapist

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  • Troy Cline
  • Holly Gilbert
  • Elaine Lewis
  • Nicola “Nicky” Fox
  • Steele Hill
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When Is Sun-Earth Day?

This year's main celebration will be on March 20, 2010, @1pm - 2pm ET. View it live on the NASA EDGE USTREAM page!


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