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Sun-Earth Day 2008: Space Weather Around the World

Sun-Earth Day 2008: Space Weather Around the World


This year's Sun-Earth Day Kit will available soon. The kit's folder will be the same as last year's but that's where the similarity ends. The contents of the 2008 kit will be entirely new and designed to prepare you for this year's new theme, "Space Weather Around the World". Don't forget to register to receive your free kit in the mail when available and while supplies last!


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By registering you will receive our monthly Sun-Earth Day e-news and a Sun-Earth Day Kit, while supplies last.


2007 Folder Thumbnail
Space Weather Folder (SECEF)
The folder provides a timeline of discoveries in solar sciences. It also describes what users expect on the Sun-Earth Day website.
2007 Bookmark Thumbnail
Space Weather Bookmark (SECEF)
This bookmark highlights some features of Sun-Earth Day with teaser questions. Educators who conduct Sun-Earth Day events may request multiple copies.
Poster Thumbnail
Space Weather Poster (SOHO/SECEF)
This 17 x 22 inch color "theme" poster describes what space weather is, what causes it, how Earth reacts to storms, and how NASA studies the process. (PDF 1.9 MB)
DVD cover Thumbnail
Cosmic Collisions DVD (NASA HQ and AMNH)
(Availiable only in the physical Kit) This 20-min. long multi-language planetarium show will show the violent face of our Sun, with streams of charged solar particles striking the Earth's magnetic field, and producing the eerie glow of the auroras. Viewers will also see the creation of our Moon when a wandering planetoid struck Earth; the violent meeting of two stars at the edge of the galaxy; and the future collision of our Milky Way galaxy with our closest neighbor, the Andromeda spiral galaxy.


While supplies last, you can register to receive your free Sun-Earth Day Kit! Additional kits for your classroom, science center, or museum, are available for $6.00 each through NASA CORE. International educators should contact the NASA CORE office for exact shipping to their area. Additionally, many NASA Educator Resource Centers will be offering workshops that will be supported with kits. For a center nearest you, visit the NASA Educator Resource Center Network.

Space Weather Fact

The core of the sun is nearly as dense as lead, and has a temperature of 15 million °C.

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