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Sun-Earth Day Presents: Ancient Observatories, Timeless Knowledge

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Auroras! Mysterious Lights In The Sky

Find out how scientists are able to learn about these beautiful mysterious lights in the sky! This book is available in PDF and FLASH. Museums can also download and interactive kiosk version as well.

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Our Very Own Star the Sun (pdf - 97K)

This easy-to-read book is designed for students in grades K-4. Read about solar flares and sunspots and why scientists study the sun. PDF (97K)

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The SOHO 1000th Comet Contest (pdf - 97K)

The SOHO project is pleased to announce a new contest for its web visitors: the 1,000th Comet Contest. To date, SOHO has discovered almost 900 comets and is on track to find its 1,000th comet sometime this summer. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to guess which day and at what time SOHO 1,000th comet will reach its closest approach to the Sun (called perihelion).

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