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Ancient Observatories, Timeless Knowledge

Sun-Earth Day Presents: Ancient Observatories, Timeless Knowledge

Multimedia Center

What is Multimedia? It is everything from print materials and presentations to Flash animations and webcasts. These tools are an excellent learning resource and bring with them an engaging way to learn about the history of Sun Watching.


Sun-Earth Day Kit

View the contents of this year's Sun-Earth Day Kit. By registering, you'll receive your free kit in the mail. In this kit you will find Educational materials, posters, CDs, a bookmark, activities, and other promotional materials that are sure enhance any classroom View Website»

Chaco Canyon Web link

Traditions of the Sun

This new experiential Web site lets you explore Chaco Canyon, learning about NASA research on the Sun and Native American solar practices within a larger historical and cultural context.View Website»

Image Gallery

Image Gallery

Within this Image Gallery you will find spectacular images of Ancient Observatories, Modern Observatories, inspiring cultures and different locations that man kind has used throughout time to study the Sun. View the Gallery»

Sun Watchers Through Time

Sun Watchers Through Time - Interactive Timeline

This Flash based Interactive Timeline is a fun exercise for your students and a great compliment to many of the lesson plans. Explore the Timeline»

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