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Native American Connections
Nathan Chasing Horse

Nathan Chasing Horse


Nathan Chasing Horse is best known for his acting role in Dances With Wolves as "Smiles A Lot". He has been in many television films including DreamKeeper, The Broken Chain, Gift of Choice, and Peace and Dignity. Nathan Chasing Horse has performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and also with the Joffrey Ballet. Apart from his acting career he was a native american consultant on the film Thunderheart, narrated several documentaries, and helped develop a Lakota astronomy curriculum for NASA/JPL. He has spent much of the last then years working with the U.S. government and native organizations to improve life for Native Americans. He has also been touring reservations educating people about drugs and alcohol.


Broad knowledge of Lakota traditional songs and ceremonies, Artist, Dancing (modern, hip hop, traditional costume & interpretive), Horseback Riding & Training, Rifle Handling, Archery, Sing, Leadership Training, Motivational Speaking, Martial Artist-Kenpo: Okinawan, Universal, Ed Parker, and Tai Chi, Hiking, Running, and Native American Flute. Public Outreach and developed curriculum based on Lakota astronomy for NASA/JPL

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