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Native American Connections
Mary Buford Howard

Mary Buford Howard


Biologically Mary is Cherokee, French and African-American. She was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, but has been told that her Cherokee great-grandparents were originally from Oklahoma. Maryy mother was born in Prescott, Arkansas and her father in Little Rock. Mary's growing up years were spent in Chicago, Illinois. Family history regarding the Cherokee side of the family has been somewhat difficult to trace due to the fact that many historical family records have been lost or destroyed. Mary's position at NASA Ames Reareach Center is as Executive and Lead Secretary in Code S, Astrobiology and Space Research Directorate. This position requires Mary to provide administrative assistance to the Director, Deputy Director and Associate Director. Code S has many sub-codes which adds a requirement for Mary to assist other administrative workers regarding policies, rules and regulations. Another requirement is extensive dealings and coordination with other research and development activites external to the Directorate and outside the Center.


Bachelor's Degree in Education, Central State University, Ohio

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