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Sun-Earth Day Presents: Ancient Observatories, Timeless Knowledge

Native American Connections
Ken Cullings

Ken Cullings


Ken is Blackfeet, though his grandmother was adopted off the reservation in Browning before the 1935 census, so none of the family can be official members of the Blackfeet tribe. Ken is a Space Scientist, and his specialty is Evolutionary Ecology. He is working on the ecology of the Yellowstone forests, and of some of Yellowstone's mid-temperature thermal pools. Ken is adjunct at CSU Dominguez Hills, in Carson CA., a CSU campus designed to service the minority community of South Central LA. Ken got my master's degree there, and is helping put together a new program in Environmental Biology. Ken is also adjunct at Montana State. He got his PH.D. at Berkeley. He's a surfer, and rides a read bike when he can't get waves. Ken also quickly becoming an obsessed fly fisherman.


Master's Degree CSU Dominguez Hills
Ph.D. U.C. Berkeley

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