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Sun-Earth Day Presents: Ancient Observatories, Timeless Knowledge

Native American Connections
David K. Martin

David K. Martin


In 1966 David started work at Scientific Data Systems as a stock clerk. In 1969 David transferred to the Customer Engineering Group as a system Engineer. When David left the company in 1984, he was a Senior Systems Engineer. David then went to work for NASA in 1985 where he is now an Electronics Technician. David is working in the Environmental Lab, where he performs tests using Environmental Chambers and the Vibration Shaker System. David also does acoustic testing and calibration of Microphones and Accelerometers. David also performs Environmental Testing on any electronic gear that is going into an aircraft, and often he tests equipment coming off an aircraft. David is chairman of the Dryden Native American Advisory council. The picture shows David at the controls to the 747 which is used to transport the shuttle to the Kennedy Space Center.


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