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Sun-Earth Day 2010: Ancient Mysteries, Future Discoveries

Technology Through Time

Over the centuries our collective knowledge about the Sun and its direct connection to our planet has continued to grow along with our desire to learn more! Technology Through Time invites you to join us in this journey of discovery and exploration by viewing our essays and supporting images.

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What's Up?

Take a stroll through the cosmos with our new series of articles, "What's Up!". Each article will make a connection between our 'place in space' with mysteries found in the outer reaches of our known universe. To enhance your experience, we will include connections to additional activities, images and links.

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Transits and eclipses are rare celestial events. Transits of Venus allow astronomers to calculate more accurately the distance of Venus from the Sun, and subsequently the distances of other planets. One can see the corona or atmosphere of the Sun safely with naked eyes only during a total solar eclipse.