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In the News

In the News

What have scientists and engineers learned about the Sun that can lead to a safer environment for astronauts as they live and work on the Moon?

Since the launch of the SOHO spacecraft, there have been numerous news articles highlighting discoveries about the Sun. This activity will give you and your students the opportunity to learn about those discoveries and to explore the unique challenges that humans face as we prepare for our journeys to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

As part of the experience, students are asked to read and analyze a series of related articles. We've also included a set of guiding questions to help them pick out the most newsworthy points. Ultimately they will investigate a given problem and present their findings to their peers in their very own 'In the News' broadcast!


'In the News' Activity (pdf)
Everything you need to know to get started is here. This activity follows the 5 E's instructional model which allows your students to build on prior knowledge, construct meaning and continually assess their understanding.

Supporting Materials

Sample Broadcast
Watch a sample broadcast
Using inexpensive video editing software and a web cam, Nan Munsey (an educator attending the NSTA conference in Anaheim, California), created her first 'In the News' broadcast complete with a script and supporting images!
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"NASA is returning to the Moon--not just robots, but people. In the decades ahead we can expect to see habitats, greenhouses and power stations up there. Astronauts will be out among the moondust and craters, exploring, prospecting, building."


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